CGH Technologies International, LLC, offers software development services on an international level. Whether you are a commercial or government entity, you can hire our consulting team for general industry, or technically specific areas like the aviation or IT security community. Our development and testing teams have built total modularized SaaS solutions, created and demonstrated mobile development projects, and jointly developed projects with End User customers and Solutions Partners such as the Irish Aviation Authority. Our Project Management team can provide high quality, predictable and repeatable results for our Agile SDLC-based software applications. Over the last few years, we have developed dozens of applications either independently or by teaming with End Users or Solutions Partners, using various standards such as CMMI Level 3, ISO 9001:2008, Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ), Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to name a few. Our International Software Services include:

Application Design and Analysis

Our Software Analysts can provide a number of services to assist with the initial design of your application. We can perform a formal Requirements Capture along with the required analysis of the business logic needed. We can also design the Graphical User Interface (GUI). Our Geographical Information System (GIS) knowledge and experience is second-to-none.

Custom Application Development

End Users or Solutions Partners who need a unique enterprise application to meet a specific business need often turn to our top-notch development team. Our ISO-9001:2008 certified Software Development Process provides a framework for developing high quality applications with a minimum of risk. We leverage our Agile SDLC and library of code to meet and exceed your expectations.

Application Testing Services

Rolling out reliable fully functional applications requires rigorous and systematic testing. Our Test Analysts validate from the users’ perspective. We have also developed test plans for applications developed by third parties. Our teams have provided formal test plans, including periodic reports for documenting issues found and identified by using our robust error tracking and reporting database. For Issue Tracking and Agile Project Planning we use Bonfire, GreenHopper, JIRA, and JIRA’s Risk management plug-in. For General Collaboration we use Alfresco, Confluence, Gliffy and OpenFire. For the Development Infrastructure (build tools) we use Ant, Maven, and Nexus. For the Development Infrastructure (continuous integration tools) we use Bamboo, Jenkins, and Sonar. For the Development Infrastructure (source code management tools) we use Git, Source Tree, Stash and Subversion.

Software Project Management

A successful software development project must have good project management. Our senior software project managers come from all walks of life and are hand-picked to assist End Users and Solutions Partners with the overall management of software development projects. Whether it is an internally developed project, a project developed by our own International Software Services team, or a project being developed by an outsourced third-party, our team of dedicated project managers apply the same disciplined processes to customer projects that we use internally when developing our specialized software products. We manage the scope, schedule and resource allocation to make sure your project is delivered on time, and within budget.